An energy audit is essential if you want to improve your company’s energy performance. Our experts will assess energy consumption patterns, your use for lighting, cooling and HVAC and analyze the building envelope. We will provide you with a hands-on report indicating energy saving measures, their savings potentials as well as pay-back times. Our team of specialists understands your facilities to provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs.

Managing energy costs across multiple sites can be challenging. Comparing those locations and their energy consumption can be a first step towards higher energy efficiency. Instead of auditing your whole building portfolio, setting up an energy cadaster will help your company decide which building requires immediate intervention for quick energy savings. In the long run, the cadaster is a useful tool to plan investments for renovation and for acquisition of new installations.

We can also assist you to set up an energy management system. Let us help you to obtain ISO50001 certification. Whether you want to get certified or not, we always keep in mind the ISO50001 methodology. This standard offers a structural approach to optimize an organization’s energy efficiency in a sustainable way. An energy management system is key to obtaining long term energy and cost savings. We will work closely with your business to identify your needs and objectives and offer a tailored solution for your organization.

Performing an energy audit and implementing energy saving measures at your plant will reduce your company’s specific energy use. Maintaining this level is difficult if you do not follow up on your energy use. Monitoring and visualizing the energy consumption of your installations is easy with our Enalyzer software! Verifying your energy use through our clear dashboards will save time and money and will help you keep energy efficiency at a high level.

Enalyzer: bringing your energy data to life!

  • Clear visualizations of energy data trending and historical evolutions for all your machines and installations
  • Multi-facility and/or multi-site comparison
  • Benchmarking of installations and machines, on one or multiple production sites Customized and flexible reporting, adapted to your needs
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When monitoring is not enough and your company requires further analysis of your energy data, you can trust our Enalyzer’s advanced energy analytics. Energy leakages are detected up to 6 times faster using the Enalyzer, resulting in a recurrent financial advantage of up to 10% per year.

Key features:

  • Accurate prediction of energy consumption based on real-time data
  • Alert system which automatically detects energy leakage and warns you to undertake action
  • Improved scheduling of your production facilities’ maintenance

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