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Energy management measures for EBO companies.


Friday september 17 th, Zaventem

Many companies have signed anenergy policy agreement with the Flemish Government. These EBO companies have been committed to contributing to the realisation of the Flemish climate targets.

  • What are the tasks and responsibilities of the energy coordinator?
  • How do I make a good energy policy statement?
  • How do I sensitize employees


In the morning, the workshop is completely about energy policy and the role of the energy coordinator. After the afternoon break, we go deeper into sensitization and information.

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Energy management according to ISO 500001


Tuesday november 9th, Ghent

Since the publication of the energy standard in 2011, more and more organisations are moving towards structured energy management according to ISO 50001. Now, the Energy Policy Agreement of the Flemish Government imposes accrued companies on implementing energy management measures only increases interest.


In this one-day training you will obtain insights into all the requirements of the ISO norm and receive practical tips to help you enroll ISO 50001 in your organisation.

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