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Energy Monitoring & Analytics

Easy Monitoring


Interpret data

Tailored dashboards

Better insights

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Boost Energy Performance with Smart Alarms


With our Enelyzer software, we can help your company to save money through automated and early detection of energy losses.  Our permanent monitoring solutions collect key energy data to understand your energy usage. But we do more. With the Enelyzer, you can also predict energy usage and take proactive decisions.


Constant Monitoring & Visualising

Our Enelyzer software helps you obtain insight in your energy consumption. The system receives data from all utilities and will offer you an overview with an easy-to-use web-based data visualisation tool. Thanks to customisable dashboards you can manage your energy data and make intelligent business decisions. Depending on your requirements and objectives, you can select the dashboards with the energy drivers of your choice. We can also advise you about the best meters to install.


Advanced Energy Data Analytics

Visualisation of energy data is not enough. Several parameters influence the energy use of a system and further data analysis is often required to really see what is going on. Use the Enelyzer’s advanced data analytics to stay ahead of maintenance cycles and intervene when needed. By monitoring key parameters, the Enelyzer can predict your expected energy use and alert you whenever the difference between the predicted and real energy consumption exceeds a certain level. Use our intelligent predictions to create a competitive advantage for your business and save up to 25% on your energy bill.


Use the Enelyzer’s advanced analytics and improve your bottom line. Want to test the software? Let us know!